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2019: Anti-Okinawa and Anti-Korean Hate

Source:  The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 17 | Issue 2 | Number 1 | Jan 15, 2019
Mit freundlicher Erlaubnis von Japan Focus

The Recent Merging of Anti-Okinawa and Anti-Korean Hate in the Japanese Mass Media

Shin Sugok
with Translation and Introduction by Joseph Essertier

Shin Sugok is an advocate of human rights in Japan and a leader of “Norikoe Net,” an “international network to overcome hate speech and racism.”1 Norikoe Net's broad purview encompasses discrimination against Koreans, women, Okinawans, Burakumin, children born out of wedlock, the disabled, LGBT people, and other disadvantaged minority groups. In essence, their aim is to champion human rights in Japan as a universal value.

It is a great injustice that people of various ethnicities who were born and raised in Japan are often treated as outsiders. And it is especially unfair that many Japanese do not view the descendants of Koreans as locals or natives, no matter how brutally their ancestors were dispossessed and colonized by the Empire of Japan a few generations back, or if their grandparents contributed to building the Japan of today. (In this introduction and in the translations below, the term “Zainichi Korean” is used to refer to the migrants and descendants of people who originated in colonial Korea). Here we present two essays by Shin Sugok, the daughter of a Tokyoite, for English readers—a moving, and even disturbing, recent snapshot of a painful episode in one Korean woman’s life-long struggle to secure human rights in Japan.

Her first piece, “What Is the “News Girls” Issue All About?,” from a book edited by Maeda Akira, Heito kuraimu to shokuminchi shugi: han sabetsu to jiko kettei ken no tame ni [Hate Crime and Colonialism: For Anti-discrimination and the Right to Autonomy] (San’ichi Shobō, 2018) explains in a clear and thoughtful way how she was targeted with slander through the broadcasting of a show entitled “News Girls” to the extent that a safe, decent life in her homeland became impossible. “News Girls” essentially “let the dogs loose” for conservative and ultranationalist intellectuals, in the sense that they were provided a stage with all the trappings of a “discussion”—a discussion that was actually a kind of “megaphone” for likeminded conservatives without any established experts or liberal or progressive intellectuals around who might challenge or correct their false assertions—in which they told submissive young ladies the “truth” about controversial social and political issues, as Ms. Shin explains. One episode featured such conservatives falsely claiming that Ms. Shin and her human rights organization were agents of North Korea. In the process they ruined her life.

The show was supposed to inform viewers ....

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