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PN's Voice No. 155  18. 08. 2020 
Small steps, Road to peace

S. Korea - US Kick off Military Drills

South Korea and the United States started their annual summer military exercises today (Tuesday), two days later than initially planned and scaled back due to the Corona pandemic. The two sides will hold a computer-simulated Combined Command Post Training (CCPT) program which will run until next Friday. Officials announced that the first part of the CCPT exercise will focus on how to defend the South against an invasion by North Korea, while the second part will based on the scenario of launching a counterattack in response.
Source : KBS World, The Korea Herald

Trump: N. Korean Leader is World-Class Chess Player

On Monday during a speech on a campaign trip in Wisconsin, U.S. President Donald Trump called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a world-class chess player along with the leaders of China, Russia and Turkey. He added that those 3 respective leaders all dream of Biden winning the election. As touched upon in last week’s newsletter, Trump also recently said that if he gets re-elected, he will immediately seek a new deal with Iran and will pursue a “quick deal” with North Korea.

Source : KBS World, Yonhap News

N. Korea Set to Host Key Party Meeting this Week

North Korea will hold a key Central Committee meeting this week to discuss and decide on “an issue of crucial significance in developing the Korean revolution and increasing fighting efficiency.” No further details were announced, but observers have suggested that the meeting will focus on a potential new party structure and organization, plans to remedy flood damage, and the Corona virus. There is also outside fear that the meeting will be focused on further military hardware development; at last year’s equivalent meeting, Kim threatened that the world will soon witness a "new strategic weapon" and warned of "shocking actual action," due to the perceived dragging of US feet towards talks with the North.

Source : Yonhap News

OPCON Transfer Unlikely During Moon’s Presidency

The issue of OPCON (Operational Control), that we covered in last week’s newsletter, is back in the news this week. The transfer of OPCON, or the ability to have full control of the military in times of war, back to South Korea is likely to take longer than anticipated and is unlikely to be concluded during incumbent president Moon Jae-in’s reign. The Corona pandemic has limited opportunities to carry out key verification exercises related to “full operational capability” (FOC) for the future structure of South Korea and the US’ Combined Forces Command. FOC is the 2nd of 3 phases of OFCON transfer; its postponement means the third phase, “full mission capability”, originally scheduled for next year, will likely be delayed until 2022. President Moon’s tenure will end in May 2022.

Source : The Hankyoreh

Campaign: End the Korean War

Finally, a reminder to please check out the peace campaign to end the Korean War. All signatures collected in this petition will be delivered to the UN and to the governments of the countries involved in the Korean War including the two Koreas, the U.S. and China.

Source : End the Korean War

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