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2010: The Global Action Day

Demonstration to Resolve the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue on the 65th Anniversary of the Korean National Liberation Day and the 100th Year of Japan's Annexation of Korea

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Public Statement

Today, we can still feel the unhealed wound in our heart that came from our past engraved with oppression and pain. Even though this year is one hundred years after our official liberation from the Japanese Imperial occupation that had bruised our nation and people, our pendulum is still facing toward a remaining unsolved liberation. We are unable to stop this cry until the victims of the Japanese military Sex Slavery can freely soar to the sky by liberating themselves from the militarisms blade aimed at womens body and peoples life.

The Japanese government, which is trying to minimize their faults and distort shameful truths about the Japanese military sex slavery system that will be remembered for its cruelty in human history, must clearly listen to this voice. At this moment, the citizens of the world are heating the earth with their own voice supporting the victims of the Japanese Military Sex Slavery who initially broke the long-lasting silence, strived to overcome their misfortunes, and stepped further in order to promote peace among the world by testifying their painful past.

The Japanese government should cautiously listen to the voice of the citizens of the world who are willing to terminate the past century which was tainted with violence and write a new history of peace. The Japanese government should humbly accept and swiftly fulfill the recommendations made by the United Nations and other international organizations, along with the resolutions adopted from different countries parliaments. The Japanese government should listen to the sincere appeal of the victims who has to confront the severe violation of human rights till the very last moment of their lives. The Japanese government must clearly read the will of their citizens who has been striving to galvanize nationwide grassroots movements to demand their government to take state responsibility. The Japanese government should evidently acknowledge that the womens alliance has been unstoppable even in front of violence and oppression, and it never will.

We are censuring the Japanese government, which is continuously violating human rights by attempting to conceal its numerous war and colonial crimes -including the Japanese military sex slaves- by avoiding and distorting the history. We are emphasizing once again that the Japanese government is responsible for creating a milestone for opening a new century with peaceful and respectful atmosphere between Korea and Japan. Followed by establishment of a new regime, the Japanese government should prove their will of writing a new history by dissipating the past governments undesirable attitude. The first step should be solving the issues regarding the Japanese Military Sex Slaves and righteously liquidating the past. The statement by Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan was released yesterday on the occasion of the 100th year of Japans annexation of Korea. The Japanese government should acknowledge that the statement never identified crucial and urgent human rights issue including Japanese Military Sexual Slavery and resolve the issue urgently.

We also urge the Korean government. We want to ask whether if the Korean government is paying any attention to the victims violated human rights. Neither the Japanese government nor the Korean government is showing any reaction toward the victims of the Japanese military sex slaves demand for a definite resolution made by the Japanese government or an active diplomatic approach made by the Korean government. Meanwhile, the aged victims have been sitting on this cold cement floor on every Wednesday, regardless of weather for past nineteen years. This is the reality that we are facing: a century of Japanese occupation and 65 years after liberation. The Korean government should admit its policies based on economic pragmatism can never represent the will of the people; rather it should not let liquidating the past and solving the issues regarding the Japanese military sex slaves to be remaining in charge of the victims and civil groups. The Korean government should take an active and clear role at both diplomatic and legislative level.

The international society also needs to urge the Japanese government, which is intentionally avoiding admitting the recommendations made by numerous international organizations and resolutions adopted from different nations parliaments, to swiftly acknowledge its responsibility as a war criminal. The international society should collaborate to prevent recurrence of another inhumane crime like the Japanese military sex slaves and promote peace and justice among the world.

We are proclaiming that we, the women and the worlds citizens, are determined to continue our fight until the issues regarding the Japanese military sex slaves are clearly resolved. We are against every war and militarism which gives birth to violence, violation of human rights, and oppression toward women. We hereby urge for the followings:


  • The Japanese government should immediately accept the recommendations made by the international society and resolutions adopted by local governments in Japan and Korea; by enacting legislation, the Japanese government should resolve the issues regarding the Japanese military sex slaves swiftly and evidently.
  • One Hundred years have passed since Korea was forcefully taken control by the Japanese imperial army. The Japanese government should strive to liquidate its colonial and war crimes, maintain peaceful relationship between Korea and Japan, and promote communal sense among the East Asia nations this year. 
  • The Korean government should transform our shameful one hundred years of history into the period of straightening the relationship between Korea and Japan in a confident and righteous atmosphere, and draw both diplomatic and legislative effort to retrieve the victims violated human rights and liquidate the past.
  • The international society should enthusiastically support and collaborate with each other in order to restore the victims violated human rights and honor. In addition, it should deliver a warning to the war criminals and a hope to the victims of the ongoing wars over the world. Through this effort, try to collaborate in order to stop the war, stop violation against women, secure human rights and promote peace!

August 11, 2010

The participants of the Global Action Day Demonstration to Resolve the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Issue - on the 65th Anniversary of the Korean National Liberation Day and 100th year of Japan's annexation of Korea


mit freundlicher Erlaubnis des Korean Council


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