"Trostfrauen", Wiedergutmachung und Menschenrechte            

2014: House of Sharing in Seoul

"Trostfrauen", "Comfort Women"

House of Sharing

About House of Sharing
(Auszug aus dem Flyer)

House of Sharing (HOS, - "Nanumi Jip"), located in Gwangju City on the outskirts of Seoul, is a home and a place of healing for some of the survivors. When it first opened in Seoul in 1992 with funds from Korean nationals and the Buddhist Human Rights Committee, 10-12 halmoni resided at the house. Currently 10 women are living together. Grandmothers have become activists, giving testimonies, protesting and traveling abroad to spread awareness of the issue.

And there is also an attached historical museum in HOS. Opened in 1998, the museum is the first dedicated solely to the issue of military sexual slavery, showcasing key evidence, artifacts, photographs, video testimonies, paintings by the survivors, and a re-creation of a room in the "comfort stations". More than sixty years have passed since the end of the war, but this issue remains to be solved. The museum displays evidence of the Japanese government's historical responsibility for its war crimes and seeks to memorialize
the strength and tenacity of the survivors.

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     Texte 1993
der jap. Regierung

Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei KONO on the result of the study on the issue of "comfort women"

On the Issue of Wartime "Comfort Women". Hier sind die Ergebnisse der Nachforschungen durch die Regierung zusammengefasst.

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