"Trostfrauen", Wiedergutmachung und Menschenrechte            

1997: Outrageous Remarks made by major Japanese Politicians

(compiled by Peacenet. Korea)

January 1997

KAJIYAMA Seiroku, Chief Cabinet Secretary, LDP

"The comfort women issue should be connected to the existence of Japanese governmentälicenced brothels of the time and suggested that the former sex slaves were able to earn money."


July 1996

OKUNO Seisuke, Education Minister, LDP

"Some outrageous things in the past trying to justify Japanese aggression in Asia and World War II, manged to stun us again.
Korean and other Asian sex slaves of the Japanese soldiers during the war were actually prostitutes out to make money."

May 1996

ITAGAKI Tadashi, Upper House member, LDP

"The forcible recruitment of many women by Imperial forces was 'not a historical Fact' ".


November 1995

Takami ETO, Head of Japan's management and coordination agency, LDP

"Japan did 'some good things' during its World War II occupation of Korea, providing education and building roads, ports and other infrastructure projects."


October 1995

MURAYAMA Tomiichi, Prime Minister, SDPJ
The 1910 annexation treaty was signed and implemented legally and effectivly in the historical context."


October 1995

KONO Yohei, Foreign Minister, LDP

"It was not Japan but the United States and the Soviet Union that divided the Korean Peninsula along the 38th parallel."


August 1995

SHIMAMURA Yoshinobu, Education Minister, LDP

"Japan was not an aggressor in World War II and that whether or not Japan invaded Asian countries in the war is a matter of interpretation."


June 1995

WATANABE Michio, Foreign Minister, LDP

"Japan ruled Korea under a treaty Korean leaders signed in 1910, not under duress, but out of their own volition."


October 1994

SAKURAI Shin, Environment Minister, LDP

"Japan had no intention of an invasion when it launched the Pacific War and that as a result of the war, Japan's Asian neighbors gained independence and a modern education system."


May 1994

NAGANO Shigeto, Justice Minister, LDP

"Japan was not an aggressor in the war and the infamous 'Rape of Nanking' by the Japanese soldiers in China was nothing but a hoax. The purpose of the war was to free Asian nations from European colonialism."


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Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei KONO on the result of the study on the issue of "comfort women"

On the Issue of Wartime "Comfort Women". Hier sind die Ergebnisse der Nachforschungen durch die Regierung zusammengefasst.

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