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2015: Fact Sheet on Japanese Military "CW"

Source:   The Asia-Pacific Journal | Japan Focus Volume 13 | Issue 19 | Number 2 | May 11, 2015

Fact Sheet on Japanese Military “Comfort Women”
Asia-Pacific Journal Feature

Please see the Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan (https://apjjf.org/events/view/252) signed by 187 Japan studies scholars who call on Prime Minister Abe to "act boldly" and support a more honest account of 20th century history.

Who were the "comfort women"?

"Comfort women" is a historical term referring to women who were forced to provide sexual service to Japanese soldiers at military brothels called "comfort stations" established by the Japanese military in its occupied territories between 1932 and 1945. "Comfort women" were women and girls taken from all over Asia and the Pacific, with Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese, Filipina, and Indonesian women comprising the vast majority. Experts using the best documentation estimate the number of "comfort women" at tens or hundreds of thousands.

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der jap. Regierung

Statement by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei KONO on the result of the study on the issue of "comfort women"

On the Issue of Wartime "Comfort Women". Hier sind die Ergebnisse der Nachforschungen durch die Regierung zusammengefasst.

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