Tono-Shi in der Präfektur IWATE

Weihnachtsgrüße aus der Präfektur Iwate,

nördlich von Fukushima und Sendai, haben uns erreicht.
Unser Kontakt ist ein guter Freund und seine Ehefrau in der Evangelischen Japanischen Gemeinde in Köln-Bonn.
Sie kennen die Menschen, deren Namen im "Weihnachtsgruß" auftauchen und bitten um Hilfe.

Im Anhang finden Sie eine kurze Beschreibung der "Iwate Revive Support Association", angesiedelt in der Stadt Tono-shi in der Präfektur Iwate (Deutsch & Japanisch). Neben den Präfekturen Fukushima und Miyagi wurde auch Iwate schwer vom Erdbeben und der Tsunami am 11.3.2011 heimgesucht. "Weihnachtsgrüße" sind auch über Weihnachten und Neujahr hinaus willkommen.
Den folgenden Text gibt es auch auf Japanisch.

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Dear friends
The New Year's celebrations OSHOGATSU (???) is one of the most important traditional holidays of the year in Japan. Many people from the affected regions of the March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami will not be able to celebrate New Year's in the same way this year, as they have in the past; because they have lost their family, parents or friends, their home and/or their work.

It is only nine months since the disaster and the people are still in need of much support and attention - even the smallest gesture counts! We have been asked by many friends as to how one can help the people in the North of Japan. The simple action of sending "Seasons greetings for Kirikiri, Japan", will positively bring some joy to a lot of people - and especially to the children!

It's so simple; all you have to do, is prepare:
1) a small parcel with sweets
2) the attached PDF (which means " in the heart with you"). Print this PDF, sign it and attach a photo if you like. ?photo sample
3) send to

028-0515 Iwate Prefecture, Tono-Shi, Higashidate-Cho 5-11, JAPAN

We have met personally with Mr. Ken Mezawa, one of the founders of the "IWATE REVIVE SUPPORT ASSOCIATION". He and his volunteer helpers work in their spare time in order to help the people, comfort them and to deliver the collected donations. The association now also assists in "self-help", so the people are better able to help themselves and each other. Examples of their actions can be seen on the website (though unfortunately only in Japanese).
It would be so wonderful if you would send a sign of sympathy, love and support to the North of Japan in high numbers!!! Thank you so much in advance and many dear greetings to you all.
Benigna Iwasaki + Rika Keuchel


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Am 11. März 6:46 Uhr jährt sich Erdbeben & Tsunami in Fukushima. Weltweites Gedenken.
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