News from
(1) Dreifachkatastrophe Fukushima in 2011, bes. AKW & Radioaktivität und
(2) Untergang der Fähre SEWOL am 16.04.2014 mit 304 meist Kindern an Bord

Remembering Sewol Disaster UK
11. November 

Amnesty International's urgent call:

Park Rae-Goon and Kim Hye-Jin, who both fight for human rights, are threatened with imprisonment. They have helped organise SEWOL protests demanding justice for the victims and families of victims of the ferry tragedy. The court case started on Oct 14, the verdict is expected to be given in December.

They have been accused of “organising unlawful protest marches”, “refusal to dissolve protests”, “blocking general traffic” and “obstructing officials”. PRG is additionally accused of “invalid public documents”, “damaging public property” and “violence during protests”.

There is no evidence Park and Kim either encouraged or participated in any violent acts during demonstrations.


-  Urging the authorities to drop all the charges against Park Rae-goon and Kim Hye-jin.
-  Calling on them to ensure the people are able to peacefully exercise their rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly.
-  To ensure that all human rights defenders are allowed to carry out their peaceful activities without fear of arbitrary detention, harassment, intimidation.




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