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Fukushima 2014 - Drei Jahre danach

Die Hilfsorganisation "Evacuate Fukushima"

Mission statement
The Evacuate Fukushima movement was created a few weeks following the March 11th disaster and based in Tokyo. We are a small influential community with one primary goal; Evacuate the children from contaminated areas. We partake in many international projects and associations who share this goal. We also participate in as many protests as we can, covering for now, mostly Tokyo, Paris and London. We are also lending our network and resources to better promote recuperation programs for children and local projects. Our Network includes thousands of members, including many NGOs, journalists, scientists, politicians, anti nuclear groups and citizen reporters. EVACUATE FUKUSHIMA 福島の子供を守れ also reports on the Japanese political landscape and we are strong supporters of Senator Taro Yamamoto and his party 新党 ひとりひとり!

On the Web, Evacuate Fukushima is comprised of this blog, a Facebook page, a Youtube group where we produce informative videos and a Twitter account, spreading accurate non sensationalism updates on the disaster. We are actively pursuing the truth and are dedicated to raise awareness to local communities as well as on an international level. We cover the ongoing human experiment taking place in Fukushima by the Fukushima Medical university and the crimes committed by TEPCO and the Japanese government. We aim at debunking the strong propaganda force fed to the innocent people of Japan. We are closely monitoring the lies and irresponsible actions performed by local authorities as well as by the nuke syndicate (IAEA, UNSCEAR, ETHOS etc …).

We are not anti nukes, we are just pro everything else !
We leave the anti nuke fight to other groups and associations, who are themselves better informed and prepared. While the anti and pro nukes war rages on, Evacuate Fukushima will continue to pledge for the innocent children and families affected by this tragedy.

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Die Hilfsorganisation "Evacuate Fukushima"

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Am 11. März 6:46 Uhr jährt sich Erdbeben & Tsunami in Fukushima. Weltweites Gedenken.
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