[Oct. 13] The navy offers villagers business explanation presentation for the civilian facility in the Jeju civilian-military complex port.
Recently, the navy made a public notice on the holding of business explanation presentation on the welfare (?) facility (such as bank, cloth washing shop, screen golf field, sports shop, mobile phone shop, restaurant etc.) inside so-called the Jeju civilian-military complex port (Jeju naval base) People could see such notice in a village bus stop. There was a picketing for two and half hours in front of the gate at the very time of presentation. Lots of vehicles passed by the gate. It is told that about 30 people-mostly the pro-base joined the presentation. The contents of the picketing signs were, ‘cancel the deceptive presentation,’ and ‘civilian-military complex port is deceptive.’
Otherwise, there another gate was built on the way from the main gate to Samgeori communal restaurant. A detour-road was being built to the Cruise terminal. An excavation investigation for cultural treasure, which is a part of construction but must be only formal act for the navy is being done.
For more photos, see here.

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