News from Fukushima; Japan und Gangjeong/Jeju-do, Südkorea: 2 moderne Kriegshäfen für die UJSA!

I Oppose the Expansion of US Bases in Okinawa hat Tuyosi Tamakis Video geteilt.

Journalist Jon Mitchell's comment: "Clearly, PM Abe's dispatch of Tokyo police to quell Okinawans has backfired: number of demonstrators soars to 500."

11/11 Henoko, Okinawa: Around 500 locals sitting in at Camp Schwab endure intimidation, harassment, manhandling by martial arts trained Metropolitan Tokyo riot police shipped in because they have no relationship with the community and the land.

Camp Schwab is a training base and was a nuclear weapons site that was built on 5,000 acres of private & community land seized from local residents & bulldozed by the US military in the 1950s. The US seized the best farm and beach properties. The head of the land acquisition, Major Apple. a roughneck soldier from New Jersey, even seized land for a military "entertainment" district named after him: Apple Town for military prostitution. According to a scholar who was stationed at Camp Schwab during the Vietnam War, young daughters of farmers who lost their land had no choice but work as military prostitutes and bar maids because no means of livelihood was available after the US took and destroyed family farms.


Tuyosi Tamakis Video


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