News from Okinawa, Japan und Gangjeong/Jeju-do, Südkorea: 2 moderne Kriegshäfen für die USA

[Dec 31 to Jan 1] Joining the welcoming 2016 event in Gangjeong
The weather was much warmer and less windy than that of last year. However when the sun rose on the Moetppuri where people carried out 100 bows early in the morning of 2016, it was hidden behind cloud for a while.
One of our friends, wrote in his facebook that there was a close tour for the media reporters in the aegis which was mooring in the currently built base at the end day of 2015. He also wrote that two submarines came to the coast and were moored in that night. And with no reason known, we also heard a street dog was chained in the neck and dragged inside the base. People worry about that dog.

Our heart to expect the completion of base this year is heavy. In that sense, we did not want the coming of 2016. Further, the news of ROK-Japan government’s political conduct on the so called comfort women during the Japanese militarism made clear again that the establishment of ROK-US-Japan trilateral alliance is possible only through destruction of democracy and infringement of human rights. (and you are right to say that the US-led MD system needs such war alliance)

However, it is a faith to make us go on anyway with hope. The faith that we will all continuously work together for peace. In the Moetppuri, we knew there was the Sun behind cloud.

Both on Dec. 31 and Jan, 1, the street mass in Gangjeong was continued. The 100 bows were continued, too. Catholic priests and sisters were there for years without a day missed. One of our ways could be there daily with them. We also wish for rapid recovery of Joan of Arc who was released from the hospital but needs continuous care in her foot actually for a long time. Peace for the New Year, friends.


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