News from Okinawa, Japan und Gangjeong/Jeju-do, Südkorea: 2 moderne Kriegshäfen für die USA

16.06.2016   (facebook)
Sung-Hee Choi
[June 16] This morning, PSPD office, as well as the houses of its several staffs are searched and confiscated by the police. Other 9 groups' offices, too. It is told that the Seoul election management committee accused the PSPD and other groups allegedly for the charge of violation on the law on election during the April 13 general election this year. The group had organized civic network on the general election. Part of the campaign they carried out was to drop off some wrong and undemocratic candidates including Kim Suk-ki, the ex-police chief during the Yongsan tragedy in 2009. PSPD refers to People's Solidarity for Participation and Democracy.

15.06.2016   (facebook)
MaYa Sinji Jung  

<Dear. English speaker friends in Jeju!>

The provincial government has ordered activists to remove the restaurant and shelter at Jungdeok Junction, Gangjeong village, following an Administrative Vicarious Execution Act to build an access road between the naval base and military accommodation.

The facilities have been the center of the community of peace in Gangjeong village since the anti-base movement began and their loss will be sorely felt by everyone who is engaged in the peace movement.

Before the community shelter is lost forever, we invite everyone from around the world to come and enjoy a two-day celebration of art, music, food ... and peace!

The organizer Gang Jeong Friends (강정친구들 Gangjeong Friends) ask people to join this culture and art project freely and enjoy delicious feast together in the name of peace and in support of the anti-naval base movement once again at the Gangjeong Three-Way Junction. Feel free to join any type of performances that you can share and please share this to your friends and help us save Gangjoeng Three-Way Junction! (070. 4129. 6179 gangjeong79s@hanmail.net)

"Gangjeong Three-Way Junction
Life Peace
Culture and Art Festival
June 18/19
All day Saturday and Sunday"

"Whether you have a brush, some paint or a guitar at home,
a camera ready to capture the moment, some time and stories to tell,
or a body urging to spontaneously dance ...
come and do it together with us!!"

<FOR MORE INFO. 쵱혱영 Kim Seri>  https://www.facebook.com/kimseri/posts/1032764633476974

*Thanks Darren Southcott for translation! His article is coming soon as well~!

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