News from Okinawa, Japan und Gangjeong/Jeju-do, Südkorea: 2 moderne Kriegshäfen für die USA

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20160507 Gangjeong Village auf Chejudo, Südkorea
Samsung baut hier für die kor. und US.Navy einen hochmodernen Kriegshafen.
Hier einige Einblicke in das Geschehen in dem kleinen Dorf an der Südküste der Insel Chejudo.


Sung-Hee Choi
13. Mai um 04:34
[May 8-12] Mass in the tent is being continued, as well as human chain and dance.
Yes. It was May 7 when Catholic mass in front of base construction gate stopped. However, to people's great joy, Fathers and Sisters visited to host or join the mass in the tent since then.. So the mass in the tent were daily succeeded so far. And the words of 'peace being with you' were daily exchanged. Meanwhile a new form of human chain and dance are being created. At noon, people marched from the mass tent to the village hall tent about 5 to 10minutes and made human chain and danced in front of the base entry road or inside it.
At 7am, some people would walk deep into the civilian and military complex area and take bows just in front of the base. Since Feb. 26 opening ceremony, the spot has been also used for prayer walks or one man protests. It is another transition period of struggle
To see the photos/videos of mass and human chain by Eunmi Pang during the period, go to: 
May 8
May 9
May 10
May 11 and 12
Photos by Choi Hye-Young, Eunmi Pang, Bandi, and Joan Kim

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13. Mai um 04:29
Fwd: [May 7] The last mass in front of gate.
Video by Song Dong-Hyo
The moving video describes the scene of May 7 when the last mass blocking the gate was over, It is about love, consolation, and peace. One mass participant who is not Catholic would describe the Gangjeong mass which went on for near five years that she has never seen such a beautiful mass in which which Catholics and non-Catholics join together, regardless of religions.

Sung-Hee Choi hat 조하성봉s Beitrag geteilt.
8. Mai um 02:20
[May 7] The last mass in front of base gate
As of May 7, 2016, the street mass which used to be daily carried out every 11 am in front of the base construction gate for five years since Sept. 3, 2011 ended. The Catholic Fathers in Gangjeong made such a hard decision with tears.
It was not easy for everybody who joined the last gate mass yesterday. Many people had tears in their eyes. Even after the mass, nobody wanted to leave, The human chain went near for one hour since people wanted to share their beautiful wishes for peace and love one another. It was also gathering of our will for continuing and making a new struggle.
If you ask why such decision was made, I can only say the Catholic had its own structural reasons which I am not really aware of. However we understand that there was something beyond Fathers' reach. We respect Fathers' decision though it would take some time for us to create the new ways of protest form.
Otherwise, Fr. Mun said he would daily appear for calligraphy carving work in the tent. Mass will be done whenever there are visiting Fathers who want to carry mass. Jeanne d’Arc will carry out prayers in the tent everyday.
As time goes, we will figure out what we can do. It is another beginning for our struggle. As for now, we truly want to say how we love and thank Fathers, Sisters and Brothers for their dedication and commitment for five years without one day missed mass. We also send our much love to Ms.Eunmi Pang who has recorded mass everyday. Her records witnessed another landmark of our peace movement. Another stage in our struggle has just begun. It is needless to say how peace activists were great part of daily mass, regardless of religions. It was a far more than a mass, you can say.
For more details, we will inform you later
Photos by Cho Sung-Bong/ Forwarded by Choi Hye-Young

Sung-Hee Choi hat 송동효s Beitrag geteilt.
8. Mai um 02:29
Fwd: [May 7] The last gate mass on May 7, 2016
Photos by Song Dong-Hyo/ Forwarded by Choi Hye-Young

Sung-Hee Choi hat 쵱혱영s Beitrag geteilt.
8. Mai um 02:28
Fwd: [May 7] The human chain and dance on the last day of gate mass, May 7, 2016. Photos by Choi Hye-Young

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