News from Okinawa, Japan und Gangjeong/Jeju-do, Südkorea: 2 moderne Kriegshäfen für die USA

I Oppose the Expansion of US Bases in Okinawa
At the meeting, All Okinawa Council co-representative Goya called for support and cooperation, emphasizing that the U.S. and Japanese governments are forcefully pushing forward with [landfill/offshore training airstrip construction at Henoko's dugong & coral ecosystem] in spite of widespread Okinawan opposition. “In Okinawa, we are facing a crisis of peace and democracy,” Goya stated.
Norio Oshiro, chairman of the Okinawa Trade Union Confederation, stated, “Okinawan labor unions, business leaders, civic organizations, and elected officials are all working together to oppose the Henoko relocation. We hope the AFL-CIO will join our struggle.”
Ms. Feingold explained that the AFL-CIO places great importance on military base issues and the anti-nuclear movement...The AFL-CIO represents 56 member unions and around 12.5 million workers nationwide. It is also a supporter of President Obama...
...Goya stated that understanding of the Okinawan situation has still not progressed in the United States. He expressed his desire to strengthen action in the United States, including promoting understanding among US congress members.



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